The Skincare Report 2016

Uncover the Trends Having the Greatest Impact on the Premium Beauty Industry


Worth £503 million in 2015, the Premium Skincare Sector continues to be a substantial category in the UK Beauty Market.

However, after growth peaked two years ago at 6%, it has been in steady decline, posting growth of just 2.3% last year.

Sales of premium cleansers and moisturisers, the backbone of many women’s skincare routines, have been sluggish due to a general trading down to masstige products, which are considered to do just as good a job as their more expensive counterparts.

However, new technologies, formulations and concepts are starting to buoy the market once again as women begin to experiment with new products and evolve their regimes.

No one can deny the impact of the Asian market as we see trends from Korea in particular, start to make their way west.

All of which is having a considerable impact on the perception of anti-ageing, the type of products women use and rendering the old mantra of ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’, obsolete.

The question now is, how do you define your brand strategy to make way for these changes?

Introducing The Skincare Report 2016

Following the success of The Fragrance Report earlier this year, Imogen Matthews Associates is proud to announce the launch of its second new report, this time dedicated to the Skincare market.

Once again, we take a deep dive into the sector and present a detailed view of the ups and downs, opportunities and risks facing skincare brands, distributors and retailers.

As always, our goal is to report not only on what the trends and data tells us, but help you use this information to move your beauty business forward. 

What’s in the Report?

The Skincare Report 2016 covers:

  • Key trends by product sector.

  • The technologies, concepts and formulations that are delivering growth and those expected to be the next big thing.

  • Why women’s skincare regime is changing, the products they are adding and those they are dropping.

  • What the trends in dynamic Korean beauty mean for the UK.

  • The products that are making waves in Asia and expected to make a big splash in the UK.

  • The impact of personalisation and the opportunity it presents premium brands.

  • The opportunities new technologies present physical retail for increasing traffic through a more interactive live experience.

  • Why there is a need for new messaging when marketing to the older market.

You will also get the latest results from our exclusive consumer research that reveals:

  • The most prolific skincare users.

  • The products that are attracting the millennial market.

  • The products women use for their daily routine

  • The factors influencing purchasing decisions

  • The dominant channels for skincare purchases and the impact of online

  • Whether skincare claims are still influential

Finally, we’ll offer advice on how you can use the results of the consumer research and the findings of the wider report to define your brand strategy.


The Skincare Report: £549 +VAT. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to pay via Paypal or credit card.

About The Premium Market Report

The Premium Market Report was established by Imogen Matthews to help you follow the right trends, produce profitable products and validate your most important strategic decisions.

Launched in 1993, it has become the new bible for Marketing Directors, Retail Buyers, Consultants and Media Agencies looking to stamp their mark on the cosmetics industry.

Now in 2016, instead of one single Premium Market Report, there will be four separate issues, which will provide a deep dive into the key product categories and important issues facing the premium beauty industry today.

A Career Gathering Valuable Insight into the Beauty Industry

In the 80’s Imogen was the Client Services Director at Syndicated Data Consultants {SDC}, a producer of high quality research for the cosmetics market. SDC’s reports included valuable insights into current and future trends that were uncovered by working closely with decision-makers. They were essential guides to what was going on in the markets and most beauty brands and retailers bought the reports year in, year out.

After Imogen left to start her own consultancy, the emphasis of SDC’s research changed, leaving no one to focus on cosmetics, skincare and fragrance – areas notoriously difficult to quantify.

Imogen was working as a trade journalist for many of the world’s leading cosmetics magazines when she was approached by two ex-clients, Julian Greenaway, then Managing Director of Guerlain, and Paola Schmid, then Marketing Director of Elizabeth Arden. They wanted her to help fill the void that SDC had left with a report that got under the skin of what was going on in the premium beauty market.

The result was The Premium Market Report.

Sarah Halliday