The Omnichannel Report 2016

Uncover The Trends Having the Greatest Impact on Premium Beauty 


The ‘omnichannel’ concept has leapt from the pages of buzzy marketing blogs to become a very real aspiration for premium beauty brands, both big and small.

But what does it actually mean in practice?

Introducing the Omnichannel Report

In the latest edition of the Premium Market Report we take a deep dive into the world of omnichannel retail to provide you with in-depth, first-class analysis and comprehensive detail on the strategies that beauty brands and retailers are using to better their businesses.

Together with co-authors, award-winning integrated communications agency, Pegasus, we examine the essential tools needed to place the consumer at the heart of each and every beauty strategy.

The Omnichallenge

We recognise that the move towards an omnichannel approach is perhaps the most significant challenge facing premium brands and retailers today.

However, the potential rewards of a seamless user experience are the sector’s greatest opportunity to innovate.

Drawing on Imogen’s deep knowledge of the industry, Pegasus’ award winning work with beauty brands and real life case studies from some of the world’s foremost beauty brands, this report has been designed to help you make the most of the opportunity omnichannel presents.


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What’s in the Report?

Our aim is to cover every facet of omnichannel. But rather than provide another whitepaper on the guiding principles behind multichannel retail, the report analyses the actual trends taking place in the industry.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you get:

1. What is Omnichannel and Why It’s Important

This first section provides a valuable and, most importantly, workable definition of what omnichannel really means for the beauty industry and the challenges that need to be overcome to make it a reality.

Including the latest statistics on retail and online beauty, we put into perspective the role of digital channels and look at why the high street is, and probably always will be, the centrepiece for beauty retail.


2. The Smartest Strategies Being Adopted by Beauty Brands and Retailers

Integrating physical and online retail is one of the biggest challenges for the beauty industry.

In this section we look at:

  • The brands and retailers that are doing it really well, including exclusive insight from the people who have been tasked with developing their omnichannel strategies.

  • The need for a seamless channel experience.

  • The importance of monitoring consumer behaviour.

  • The role of in-store technology.

  • The key benefits offered by the boutique retail channel.

3. How to Put Your Customers at the Heart of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Starting with a breakdown of where consumers are currently buying beauty online, this part of the report looks into the strategies being employed by retailers and brands to create a deeper relationship with their communities of fans.

In this chapter we look at:

  • How to use online to attract and retain customers.

  • The new wave of micro-influencers and their role in premium beauty.

  • An interview with award winning beauty blogger, the London Beauty Queen, on her relationship with brands, the role influencers play and most influential channels for reaching consumers. 

4. Future Forecasting

We know that the highly personal process of purchasing cosmetics is often best fulfilled in bricks-and-mortar stores. However, as the Internet becomes the go-to tool for consumers to research products, brands are responding with new technology driven services that offer opportunities to try before you buy.

In this section we look at augmented and virtual reality and how they are being developed into services that innovative brands are introducing to help create a more seamless experience, whilst increasing interaction and interest in and around that all important one-on-one time with customers in-store.

The section is rounded off with a guide to social media best practice, which includes:

  • The existing social platforms that are working really well for beauty brands.

  • A short guide to social strategy best practice and tactics for building a meaningful online community.

  • A social jargon buster to help you get to grips with the many different technical terms associated with digital marketing.


And that’s not all…


Case Studies from Beauty’s Best Brands

Each section is punctuated with real world case studies from some of the leading beauty companies and retailers operating today. They provide valuable insights into how they have successfully implemented their Omnichannel strategies and the benefits they have achieved.

Featured brands include:

How the French beauty retailer is using digital platforms such as Kik, Snapchat and their own app to maintain consistent contact with their customers and drive in-store purchase. We also look at how its use of in-store technology is helping to create an exciting interactive experience.

How the Department Store Group uses customer feedback and insights gained from the online shopping behaviour of its customers to build and evolve its omnichannel strategy.

Why delivering a consistent brand experience through all channels is so important to one of the world’s most innovative beauty retailers. The importance of working with brands to offer the best customer experience and its work behind the scenes to bring more personalisation to its communications.

Kiko Milano
How the cutting edge Italian professional cosmetics brand recruits both trend hunters and brand ambassadors from its customer base to deliver insights to help inform its omnichannel strategy.

The importance of standalone stores to the French cosmetics company and why the brand finds that multi-channel purchasers are the best customers.

How the Dutch body care and accessories chain is using a multichannel approach to bring the brand’s philosophy of transforming daily routines into meaningful moments to life and drives more traffic in-store.

How the San Franciscan beauty sensation delivered an integrated campaign including in-store, digital and traditional media to become the 6th most mentioned brand on and help Roller Lash to become the most popular product on Birchbox in 2015.

Charlotte Tilbury
How one of the hottest cosmetics brands in the world today seamlessly integrates its star power, in-store experiences and digital channels to create a huge, passionate and loyal fan base.

Feel Unique
How Europe’s largest independent online luxury beauty retailer uses its deep experience of selling online to create features that are specifically designed to attract and retain customers.


And There’s More

5. Exclusive Consumer Research

Understanding purchasing from the perspective of the consumer is critical to formulating a winning omnichannel strategy. In this chapter we unveil the results of research conducted exclusively for the Premium Market Report into the attitudes and shopping habits driving beauty product purchase. The findings include:

  • The places women go, both online and offline, to learn about beauty products

  • How they view shopping for beauty products online and offline

  • The ways in which they are inspired to find out about beauty products online

  • Which forms of social media women use to follow beauty brands

We look at a broad spectrum of the UK population from different age groups and backgrounds to give you as comprehensive a picture as possible on today’s beauty buying habits.


And Finally…

Last, but certainly not least, at the end of each chapter we offer recommendations to help you implement the strategies covered in each of the report sections.

The Omnichannel Report is available to buy now, priced £549 +VAT. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to pay via Paypal or credit card.

About The Premium Market Report

The Premium Market Report was established by Imogen Matthews to help you follow the right trends, produce profitable products and validate your most important strategic decisions.

Launched in 1993, it has become the new bible for Marketing Directors, Retail Buyers, Consultants and Media Agencies looking to stamp their mark on the cosmetics industry.

Now in 2016, instead of one single Premium Market Report, there will be four separate issues, which will provide a deep dive into the key product categories and important issues facing the premium beauty industry today.


A Career Gathering Valuable Insight into the Beauty Industry

In the 80’s Imogen was the Client Services Director at Syndicated Data Consultants {SDC}, a producer of high quality research for the cosmetics market. SDC’s reports included valuable insights into current and future trends that were uncovered by working closely with decision-makers. They were essential guides to what was going on in the markets and most beauty brands and retailers bought the reports year in, year out.

After Imogen left to start her own consultancy, the emphasis of SDC’s research changed, leaving no one to focus on cosmetics, skincare and fragrance – areas notoriously difficult to quantify.

Imogen was working as a trade journalist for many of the world’s leading cosmetics magazines when she was approached by two ex-clients, Julian Greenaway, then Managing Director of Guerlain, and Paola Schmid, then Marketing Director of Elizabeth Arden. They wanted her to help fill the void that SDC had left with a report that got under the skin of what was going on in the premium beauty market.

The result was The Premium Market Report.

About Pegasus

Pegasus is an award-winning integrated communications agency specialising in communicating healthy messages.

That means inspiring healthy decisions in beauty – from the best skincare choices to the most effective anti-ageing supplements. Our unique ‘healthy beauty’ offering means we’re experts at bringing the benefits of naturally active, scientific, pharmacy, nutri-cosmetic, professional, condition-specific and everyday essential beauty brands to life.

And because we understand that beauty consumers are more connected and educated than ever before, our campaigns work across all channels, blending healthcare professional, beauty influencer and celebrity endorsement with engaging creative, social and digital content to bring the all-important product and brand truths to life for consumers.

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