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What our clients say

Aude Appolinaire, Regional Marketing Director, Chanel:
I’ve been one of the early adopters of The Premium Market Report. I find it very insightful and I believe it is a great source of information about the beauty industry and its key recent trends. It is certainly a valuable document and a good platform when it comes to highlight the specificities of the UK market and evaluate the different aspects that have contributed to the performance of the beauty market.

Eileen Cavalier, CEO, London College of Beauty Therapy:
Before I had access to The Premium Market Report, I found it extremely difficult to prove the importance of the beauty industry when negotiating government funding. The report gives me the ability to talk in their language and offer concrete evidence of the positive impact that the College is having on jobs and the economy. The result was to obtain the funding I needed to carry on vital training for women looking to join the cosmetics industry.

Peter Norman, Chairman, The Fragrance Foundation:
I rely on The Premium Market Report to provide me with clear facts, figures and analysis on the beauty industry for my annual speech at the FiFi Awards, the “Oscars” of the fragrance industry. I don’t have the time to research this information, but I can trust the report to give me everything I need to pull together my presentation quickly. I find it a very useful tool that gives a fascinating, informed, independent view of our industry.

Paola Schmid, Director and Founder, Shafii & Schmid Enterprises Ltd:
I use Imogen’s Premium Market Report information for profit planning and presentations. Having an accurate overview of trends and hard data helps tremendously when presenting beauty industry evaluations and forward strategies to our brand owners such as Urban Decay and Diego Dalla Palma. The report’s USP is that it enables us to see if our brands are running parallel to key trends.

John Ayres, Director of Pandora, providing specialist training for the fragrance industry:
I need to collate market and trend information on the premium fragrance and beauty industry and have found The Premium Market Report the best and most up-to-date review of current trends. The report layout makes it easy to use and saves me a lot of time when putting together my own reports and presentations. I really value this annual review of the beauty industry which is a particularly useful resource at this time of economic uncertainty and social change, providing valuable pointers towards future trend developments.

Caroline Neville, President, Cosmetic Executive Women {UK}:
When talking to potential sponsors and media about CEW {UK}, it’s essential that I have good, reliable, up-to-date information on the beauty markets. The Premium Market Report provides this in an easy to use reference document that pinpoints key issues and trends. I would recommend to anyone working in the premium beauty markets that they purchase a copy.

Robin Linklater:
Imogen Matthews’ Premium Market Report is an excellent adjunct to statistical reports available in our industry, adding considerable flesh to the bones. Every edition always has something that makes one stop, think and evaluate anew. Essential reading and very good value for money.