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The Ultimate Online Course for Indie Beauty Start-Ups

I was delighted to be asked by Formula Botanica to provide one of the online video modules on “How to Monitor Industry Trends” for its new Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management. Not an easy topic to describe here in a few sentences, so click on the video link below and listen to a clip in which I describe the importance of research in identifying and acting on trends that matter to your business.

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Introducing The British Beauty Lobby - The Voice of the Beauty Industry

Compared to fashion, the beauty industry has a very low profile in the UK. Despite turning over £17bn annually and employing over 1 million, British beauty has traditionally been regarded as frivolous and unimportant. That’s all about to change with a new initiative led by Millie Kendall MBE, co-founder and director, BeautyMART.

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