A Vision for Premium Make-Up: Interview with Grace Fodor, Founder, Studio 10


Our last blog of 2017 is an interview with Grace Fodor, founder of innovative cult make-up brand Studio 10.

Since 2015, Studio 10 has been quietly breaking down barriers by giving mature consumers an alternative to mainstream make-up brands.

Grace is on a mission to redefine beauty for women as they age. It’s a position that no other brand in premium make-up has taken up in earnest, creating an opportunity that's paying dividends for her and her company.

Grace describes Studio 10 as a “shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty." For her, the company is "a voice advocating being truly visible and confident.

”The range is tight, consisting of a small number of pro-age products.“We’re not a classic colour range, we’re more ‘quick fixes and essentials’ for pro age beauty," says Grace.

The range is designed specifically for women as they age at a time when 74% feel that existing products do not reflect our needs.


“It’s more than a marketing approach - it is at the heart of our brand proposition.

”Digital channels have been key to Studio 10’s success in reaching older women who may feel that there is nothing for them in retail. Or who lack the confidence to approach glossy sales assistants decades younger than themselves.

Grace explains her approach, which is to build strong, personal and direct relationships:

“People like interacting and buying from other people more than faceless brands. Being behind the brand, I hope women can identify, relate and have real conversations with me.

“To do this effectively we use all media and channels available to us both on and offline, tailoring the communication accordingly.

“Digital platforms have enabled us to have two-way dialogues, enjoy real conversations and build authentic relationships.

”It is easy to assume that Studio 10 is a make-up range that specifically targets women over 40. But Grace has a broader vision, which is to redefine beauty for us all and also to redefine age.

Selling beauty products is only part of Grace’s mission, which is to give women the recognition they deserve as they age.

“So, I’ve found that really championing our message, creating a movement to challenge the outdated assumptions or stereotypes of middle-age that don’t even represent how we feel or live our lives (such as invisibility and ageism), has given us a huge competitive advantage.

”2018 will be an important year for Studio 10 and for Grace who is determined to create a higher profile for the brand. She believes the move towards bespoke and personal beauty will be key, including products made to consumers’ specifications and ever changing needs.

“For us, our focus on our consumers becoming ‘prosumers’ and our products being 100% developed by women for women, taking an active role in not only consuming product, but in the creation, production and even distribution. It will be very exciting!

”In our new Premium Market Report: How to Make it Big in Make-Up, which launches in January, we take a deeper look at the make-up category and reveal what it will take to build a successful brand in 2018 and beyond. Further details coming soon.

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