The Ultimate Online Course for Indie Beauty Start-Ups


Launching today, 25th June 2019, is organic cosmetic formulation school Formula Botanica’s online businees training course for indie beauty entrepreneurs - the Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management.

I was delighted to be asked by Formula Botanica to provide one of the online video modules on “How to Monitor Industry Trends.” Not an easy topic to describe here in a few sentences, so click on the video link below and listen to a clip in which I describe the importance of research in identifying and acting on trends that matter to your business.

A few words about this fantastic course from School Director, Lorraine Dallmeier:

“Formula Botanica’s latest diploma is about more than providing a textbook business course for start-ups:.

We handpicked all of our amazing beauty business web summit speakers, because they can teach our students and budding entrepreneurs how to start the indie beauty brand of their dreams.

Their advice is based on real life experience which means our Diploma offers up the insider secrets that you simply won’t find via Google”.

The courses is designed to help students learn how to develop the right entrepreneurial mindset and discover their ‘why’.

The in-depth course covers areas of critical importance to launching a beauty business, including branding, cosmetics’ manufacturing and business models, online and traditional marketing, retail and distribution and how to plan, handle and raise finances.