The Premium Market Report 2014 Preview


I was chatting to someone this week who told me how difficult he’d found it to get hold of good reliable information on the premium beauty markets. His trip to the British Library in search of market data had been futile, frustrating and hadn’t yielded the answers he needed.

It’s a story I hear time and again and one of the main reasons I produce the Premium Market Report. I know how time-consuming it is to gather information, which is patchy at best and at worst, non-existent.

Since the explosion of the internet, there’s no shortage of information out there but how much of it is solid fact and how much conjecture?

I’ve had first-hand experience of the challenges involved in generating meaningful information on the premium beauty markets, which is why each year I spend time on uncovering the truth.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in the 2014 edition of The Premium Market Report out early next month.

As the economy shows signs of getting back on its feet we look at:

  • The impact changing consumer habits are having on retail as a whole

  • How the economy has affected consumer spending habits

  • The impact of discounting strategies

  • The importance of giving the customer control on how they engage with the retailer

With the beauty industry faring better than most during the recession, we identify:

  • Which category is growing the fastest

  • How premium brands can benefit from a more bespoke approach

  • The ultimate try before you buy marketing tool and why it’s having such a positive impact on the consumer

As Fine Fragrance continues to be one of the largest sectors in premium beauty, we look at:

  • Which category is sparking interest now that the popularity of Celebrity Fragrance is on the wane

  • How niche brands are disrupting the market and why their growth is surging forward

  • The ingredients making a splash

  • The initiatives the perfume industry is putting in place to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions

  • Why mainstream fragrance houses are losing engagement with their customer

With Premium Make-Up remaining high on the consumers’ shopping list, we identify:

  • The new technologies making an impact

  • Which categories are fuelling fast growth, now that nail polishes are losing their shine

  • The impact of the BB and CC moniker and its effect on the make-up sector as a whole

As the Premium Skincare sector continues to struggle to differentiate itself from the mass market we look at:

  • Why Premium skincare is now pulling away from the rest of the sector

  • Why skincare brands are going to find it tough to keep up with the demands of the consumer

  • Why beauty oils are enjoying a surge in popularity

  • How face-mapping technology is literally changing the face of the skincare industry

  • What consumers consider to be the number one skin concern

We continue our mission to help you understand the impact that technology, the recession and discounting is having on the beauty buying habits of consumers. This year’s consumer insight survey uncovers:

  • The percentage of women who say they will only buy when there’s a discount

  • The percentage of women who have traded down to cheaper products

  • The percentage of women who believe cheaper brands are just as effective as their more expensive counterparts

  • The percentage of women who check products & prices in shops, then buy online

  • The percentage of women who say they prefer to go in-store to purchase their beauty products

The results make for difficult reading for the Premium sector in particular.

As the high street continues to battle the unstoppable force that is the Internet we take a look at:

  • Which distribution opportunities have increased for niche brands both in the UK and Internationally

  • Why Covent Garden is turning into London’s premiere beauty market

  • Strategic approaches to managing your offline and online channels

  • The strategic direction of the major department stores, high street chains and online portals

  • The impact of mobile commerce

Finally we look at what the future might hold for the industry including:

  • The shape of the UK economy in 2014 and beyond

  • The impact of mobile commerce

  • The likelihood of online only brands making the move offline

  • What will be new at the counter in 2014

  • How the role of beauty bloggers will evolve in 2014

  • The opportunities online will present new brands

The Premium Market Report 2014 launches April 7th.For further information and pricing please click here.