Bringing You the Hottest Trends from in-cosmetics Hamburg 2014


Imogen is currently in Hamburg where she’s not only attending important trends presentations but also presenting her own findings from the latest Premium Market Report 2014, which launches this Monday.Here are some of the hot trends she's discovered:

Multi-Functional and All in One Products

It's no longer enough to launch products with a simple claim. Two, three and four in 1 products are becoming ubiquitous.

Euromonitor is seeing far greater benefit crossovers between categories such as:

  • Haircare with anti-ageing, health claims and added fragrance

  • Colour nail polishes with anti-ageing, skincare and added fragrance

  • Skincare benefits added into textiles and devices

The trend for all-in-one products is being fuelled by Asia.

Florence Bernardin, General Manager, Information & Inspiration stated that lack of time is one of the biggest drivers for this trend. In China, there's a term "Shinagara cosme" meaning, "cosmetics while doing something else."

Office Tools

Something that’s making a big impact in the office environment are devices that sit on your desk and pump out a nanomist of moisture with active ingredients while you work. They look like a smartphone and can be refilled from a small canister you keep in your desk drawer.

Sheet Masks

Tissue masks impregnated with active ingredients that you wear on your face are huge in Asia. They allow you to carry out your skincare regime while doing other things e.g. working at your computer or watching TV.

The popularity of sheet masks is creating demand for similar solutions that benefit different parts of the body e.g. feet, hands and hair - with a shower cap.

Sleeping Masks

These are a huge trend in Asia. La Neige from Korea is a sleeping pack infused with a water infusing texture. You can put it in the freezer and to produce a frozen jelly for use when it's hot.


A major theme throughout the show and one I highlighted in my presentation. Consumers are bored with globalised brands that offer much the same thing and are also overwhelmed by too much product choice.

This is something that’s felt worldwide and was highlighted by Mintel in their presentation on Brazilian trends. Younger consumers are into customised products, especially Haircare {Brazil is the 3rd largest cosmetics and toiletries market worldwide}. Consumers wash their hair on average twice a day and many lead a beach lifestyle so are looking for targeted products that deal with salt and chlorine.


Future sun protection will come from "harmonised water technology" that neutralises UV radiation in a drink you take before going outside. {source: Datamonitor}

Dr Jack Ferguson stressed the need for brands to include UVA protection in daily skincare products. "Sometimes we have the technology but don't use it properly. UVA goes deeper into the skin and is a cause of ageing and cancer. Yet all the talk in skincare is of SPFs. It's very important to protect against longer term damage".

3D Printing

Antoinette van den Berg showed examples of 3D printing for cosmetics. "Many think that 3D isn’t realistic, but it's here now," she said. It can be used on products and packaging to stunning effect.