Older Women Report: 1st Edition

Take Advantage of a Massive Market Opportunity that’s Being Missed by the Majority of Beauty Brands 



A research exclusive from The Premium Market Report 

Discover How to Engage and Attract this Huge and Growing Group of Affluent, Passionate Cosmetics Purchasers who Feel Neglected by the Beauty Industry.


7 facts you may not know about the 50 – 90 year old age group:


  1. Women over 45 currently represent nearly 50% of the female population in the UK

  2. Before the end of the decade women aged 45-59 will increase by 8.9%, the 60-74s by 12.6% and the over 75s by 17.9%

  3. Today women over 45 account for 41% of the total spend on cosmetics and toiletries

  4. In 2011, women over 45 spent nearly £2 billion on makeup, skincare and toiletries

  5. When it comes to buying handcare, skincare and styling products, they index higher than the market average

  6. Women in their 50s and early 60s continue to live very similar lifestyles to when they were younger

  7. Many over 75s continue to use beauty products because they always have, because it makes them feel good – and they have no intention of stopping

While the Beauty industry may believe it’s targeting this age group, our exclusive research shows that many women aged 50 and over feel that:


  • There is little to no attempt to target them, nor any recognition that they use products differently to younger women

  • Product information, advertising and customer service in-store falls short of their needs

  • Much of the imagery used by beauty brands is disingenuous and insulting

Annie {59}:

“I shout at the TV when I see ads with women with no wrinkles or who are too young to have them”

Diana {69}:

“I don’t mind if people think I’m the age I am. We need to think why older women wear make-up and it’s not for the messages brands put across on TV. There’s no respect.”

Sheila {60}:

“Glamorous models don’t do it for me. I’m very cynical and don’t believe if I use this I’ll have perfect-looking skin. It has the opposite effect”

Today, only a handful of brands dominate the purchasing preferences of the over 50s.There’s a massive opportunity for the premium market to enjoy a share of the billions of pounds that they spend each year on beauty products. 

Our latest report helps to shatter the illusions that have prevented many brands from attracting this age group and provides recommendations for how to become more inviting.

 In OLDER WOMEN – The Forgotten Demographic, you’ll find out:

  • Why Anti-aging products are a real turn off

  • The number one priority for older women when purchasing skincare products

  • Where older women like to shop and why

  • The secrets to inspiring older women to try your products

  • How to create advertising campaigns that engage and attract this age group

  • Why your packaging is stopping you from making sales and what to do about it

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