10 Years of Premium Beauty



Imogen Matthews Associates is proud to present a landmark review of the Beauty Industry:

10 Years of Premium Beauty

For the first time, respected consultant, journalist and author of the Premium Market Report, Imogen Matthews, has gathered together 10 years of Premium Beauty insights and analysis to bring you an indispensable journey through our industry’s recent history. 


In this 120 page report, produced in association with CEW {UK}, Imogen Matthews and her team explore the last 10 editions of the Premium Market Report to:

  • Guide readers through the trends that have shaped the Beauty Industry

  • Share the lessons that the last 10 years can teach us

  • Shine a light on our industry’s direction for the future 

The last 10 years has seen the UK economy cycle through boom into one of the worst recessions in history and then back through to recovery. Premium Beauty has done well to weather these turbulent times but as the first green shoots of growth begin to show, it will be important to learn the lessons of the past to ensure our industry enjoys a bright future, Imogen Matthews, Owner, Imogen Matthews Associates.


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In 10 Years of Premium Beauty you’ll discover:

  • Ten years of economic trends – trace the rollercoaster course of the UK economy and see how the premium beauty industry has fared in comparison

  • Ten Years of premium beauty trends – premium beauty may have weathered the worst of the recession but what has been the impact on its luxury status?

  • Ten Years of Fine Fragrance – the last decade has witnessed the rise and rise of the celebrity fragrance trend, but as sales begin to decline what will be the next big thing for the perfume industry?

  • Ten Years of Premium Make-up – the Lipstick Effect helped retain the shine on the premium make-up sector, but as brands chase impulse purchase is the huge amount of choice confusing consumers?

  • Ten Years of Premium Skincare – premium skincare has always led the way in the development of new technologies, but over the lasts 10 years masstige has closed the gap. What does premium skincare need to do to get back up front?

  • Ten Years of Premium Retailing – despite one high profile casualty, department stores have responded well to the recession. However, as online becomes more prominent, what does premium beauty retailing need to do to ensure traffic levels remain high?

And that’s not all. You’ll also discover:

  • Lessons learned and recommendations – at the end of each chapter Imogen and her team identify the lessons that can be learned from the decade’s events and offer recommendations for how the industry should move forward

  • Interviews with leading industry figures including Per Neuman, former UK Managing Director of Estee Lauder and a foreword from CEW UK’s Chairman, Caroline Neville – find out what they believe have been the defining moments of the last decade

  • A quick reference timeline of the major events that have defined the last 10 years 


Order your copy today at https://gumroad.com/l/10years.

Price £1,750 + VAT

A Career Gathering Valuable Insight into the Beauty Industry

In the 80’s Imogen was the Client Services Director at Syndicated Data Consultants {SDC}, a producer of high quality research for the cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries markets. SDC’s reports and presentations included valuable data and insights into current and future trends that were uncovered by working closely with decision-makers. They were essential guides to what was going on in the markets and most beauty brands and retailers bought the reports year in, year out.

After Imogen left to start her own consultancy, the emphasis of SDC’s research changed, leaving no-one to focus on cosmetics, skincare and fragrance – areas notoriously difficult to quantify.

Imogen was working as an independent market researcher and trade journalist for many of the world’s leading cosmetics journals when she was approached by two ex-clients, Julian Greenaway, then Managing Director of Guerlain, and Paola Schmid, then Marketing Director of Elizabeth Arden. They wanted her to help fill the void that SDC had left with a report that got under the skin of what was going on in the premium cosmetics market.

Launched in 1993, the Premium Market Report has become the new bible for Marketing Directors, Retail Buyers, Consultants and Media Agencies looking to stamp their mark on the Beauty Industry.

Imogen is a CEW{UK} Advisory Board Member and Achiever Award Winner.

We thought it would be interesting and valuable to look back through the last 10 years of the Premium Market Report and pull out the key trends and events that have shaped our industry. We were not disappointed,” Imogen Matthews, Owner, Imogen Matthews Associates.



Order your copy today at https://gumroad.com/l/10years.

Price £1,750 + VAT

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