Women over 50 are a Lucrative Demographic: Don’t Overlook Them {Tracy McAlpine interview}

Tracey McAlpine launched her website Fighting Fifty to change the negative perceptions of middle aged women. She says: “The stereotypical image of a woman in her fifties is outdated. Women are working longer, having children later and are very much in their prime during their fifties.“

The second reason for launching was that I found it difficult to find one place offering health, beauty and fitness information targeted at my age group.  I wanted to be able to quickly get information on concerns that I may have as I get older.”

In this interview, Tracey shares her views on why women over 50 are being overlooked by beauty companies with tips on what can be done to target them.

What has been the response to your website, Fighting Fifty, since you launched it?

The site has been live for just over a month and response has been very positive.  The visitor rate is extremely good and people have commented that they like the modern, visual and easy to navigate layout.  The mix of articles has been well received and everyone loves the logo!

How has it been received by beauty companies?

The beauty companies and their PR agencies have welcomed a new concept in marketing to the over 50s age group.  They know that Fighting Fifty will be viewed by women who are looking for specific products.  They also know that the products featured have been tried and tested.

Recommendation is one of the key motivators to buy for this age group.

Women do not have time to read about products that don’t work.  In contrast they have a lot of time to find out about ones that do.  I will involve members of the Fighting Fifty Club in product testing in the future.  This will be completely visible, so if a product works, visitors will know about it.

Why do you think beauty companies have been slow to target the over 50s?

I think that beauty companies have been so focused on producing anti-ageing products targeted at the under 40 age group, they have overlooked the over 50s.There has been a misconception that women over 50 do not want to try new products and that they have brand loyalty, so companies haven’t included them in their marketing strategy.

This isn’t the case; older women are looking for products to treat specific conditions and are happy to research new products and are willing to pay premium prices for them.

What should they be doing to target this age group?

  • Firstly, companies should understand that women over 50 in general do not want to look younger or to anti-age.

  • They want to look healthy and attractive; they are completely realistic about ageing.

  • Be honest with photographs, we are not fooled by unachievable images, or statements.

  • Be inclusive, make your products available to a wide age range; include older women in your promotions and events.

  • Above all train your consultants to engage with older women and offer solutions to their problems.

  • Women over 50 are a lucrative demographic, don’t overlook them.

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