Why Personalisation is at the Heart of the Elemis Strategy


Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder of the successful British luxury spa brand Elemis, has just stepped into her new role as Managing Director.

Since the inception of Elemis 25 years ago, Noella has been the driving force behind every award-winning product and treatment.

Breaking beauty boundaries is still her mission.

Noella describes the opening of the House of Elemis as a “new spa story”, providing customers with a uniquely personalised approach: from the hiring of the luxurious Penthouse for a truly bespoke experience, to popping into The Speed Spa, where Elemis makes time work for the individual with maximum results.

After the whirlwind launch of the new flagship House of Elemis earlier this month, I caught up with Noella to chat about her new strategic vision for global expansion in this exclusive interview for the blog.

What plans do you have for the House of Elemis concept?

It will roll out globally in 2016, showcasing ELEMIS’s hands-on and BIOTEC machine facials, as well as the ground-breaking Amber & Quartz Crystal Bed Body Treatments.

The retail product launch of BIOTEC facial wash, day and night cream is scheduled for launch next February and BIOTEC skincare tools will follow later in 2016.

L2 Daily maintains that the beauty industry is ahead of all industries in personalisation. How are you adapting Elemis to this fast-growing trend?

It’s all about people. Recognising their talents and positioning them in a correct role so they have room to flourish and grow. This is ultimately the strength of the brand.Later this year, we plan to open the first ELEMIS Training and Business Academy later. It’s not just about product. It’s about education.

Meeting a great therapist who has a great skill set to identify your hidden need and the education of a brand to enable her to personalise your homecare. Of course the brand must have all the tools (products) in a range to meet that ever-changing need.

The point that interests me most is that consumer needs are ever-changing and this creates innovation and education.

It seems to me that you are addressing two key beauty trends: personalisation and speed treatments. What type of customer do you hope to attract for each? It’s all about personalisation.

Whether you have the luxury of time or just 15 minutes in your lunch break. The key thing is, that it’s for you and must be personalised.

Currently we believe the brand attracts both of the above and attracts a true, loyal, ELEMIS client. Therefore, it was important that the House of ELEMIS embraces both client.The 3-step journey is still the same.

  1. Look and listen (great consultation)

  2. Best therapy – be it for 2 hours or 15 minutes

  3. Discuss your concerns and observations