The Hottest Trends from this Year's In-Cosmetics Show - Part 1


Imogen is in Paris this week getting the scoop on what's hot in premium beauty from this year's in-cosmetics Show. Despite a hectic schedule, she is sending us constant updates on her findings. Below is a summary of what she's discovered during the first part of the show.

Just when I thought there could be nothing truly new and innovative in beauty, along comes in-cosmetics 2016.

New insights into consumer behaviour and desires. Exciting ways of approaching old routines and product formats you'd never have guessed were possible. All this and more were revealed at the Marketing Trends presentations and out on the exhibition floor.

Here are just a few of my personal highlights so far:

Insight 1: Lifestyle Shifts and How they Impact on Beauty

Euromonitor's Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care, Irina Barbalova, talked about the key influences on consumer lifestyles, by drawing on other industries to help understand the opportunities within the beauty market.

"Time is of the essence and a new luxury commodity," she began and described how physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. It's not just about anti-stress. Who would have guessed that adult colouring books would be one of Amazon's best sellers? "It forms the new beauty mindset and skin, body and mind should be seen as a whole entity," she said.

The growth in sports apparel and the blurring with fashion is another opportunity for the beauty industry. Consumers are incorporating sport into their lives, whether they play sport or simply like the association. And the migration into beauty is happening now.

Sian Sutherland, Founding Partner, Mama Mio, speaking at the niche brands Round Table, said: "Beauty is one of the last areas to do lifestyle." She launched Mio Fit Skin For Life as a fitness brand for skin, not a brand with beauty credentials. I expect to see many more brands take a fitness approach to beauty - some for the beauty arena and others from sport & fashion.

Insight 2: New Formats Expand Routines

20% of Asians use a facial mist or spray on a daily basis, says Euromonitor.

They're not widespread in Western markets yet, but it's looking like they could be the next BB craze. It's no coincidence that L'Oreal Paris launched its City Mist SPF 50 in Asia and last week introduced it to European journalists and bloggers who are going crazy for it and want it launched over here.

Even more exciting are new formulations & textures on show at the Sensory Lab. These caught my eye for sheer novelty value. However, they are likely to inspire consumers to try new products & expand their routines:

Hair Pudding (Ashland)

A lemon coloured soft gel-cream for styling, conditioning & repair

Candy Floss (Imerys)

A pretty pink exfoliating face mask with multi minerals

Water Bounce Clay Mask (Nikko Chemicals)

Combining 2 big trends in masks- a bouncy texture and clay

Transforming textures:

Powder to foam

Gel to Milk

(Lucas Meyer)

Balm in Gel


Leaf mask (Technature)

A lead-shaped vegetal mask from plant fibres & plant extracts you hydrate with lotion or water & press onto the skin

Insight 3: Water - The New Luxury

This is one of Mintel's 4 key trends over the next decade. Due to water scarcity brands will need to manufacture and formulate products that limit their dependence on water.

Towel off shampoo foam by UK brand Zerreau

Korean skincare brand Whamisa uses botanical extracts instead of water. The additional benefit is the ability to deliver a higher concentration of actives than would be possible with a water-based product.Neom Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist also eschews water in a trendy mist format

Slightly more wacky but plausible is PH2OG - a product that uses fog water in its products.

Watch out for more in-cosmetics based revelations in part 2.