Stop Press: Key Beauty Insights - Hot from this Year’s In-Cosmetics Show

Imogen’s in Paris this week, checking out the In-Cosmetics show. In between her chockablock schedule of meetings and presentations (including her own), she’s been feeding us with her pick of the hottest beauty trends from the world-class line up of speakers.

So what’s on the horizon for Beauty?

Skin Care

Emmanelle Bassmann, Managing Director, In-Trend Ltd

  • New research has revealed that the skin is far more adaptable than we think. It’s possible that traditional sun blocks do more harm than good

 Recommendation – This presents an opportunity to develop intelligent products that allow the skin to get a healthy dose from the sun {including vitamin D}.

  • Researchers have found that putting moisturiser on top of the skin doesn't necessarily help it. It can in fact make the skin more sensitive and even generate dangerous free radicals

 Recommendation - Brand developers should be careful what they put into moisturisers, by creating different formulations for daytime and nighttime use.Make-UpRamaa Chipalkatti, Analyst, Datamonitor

  • First we had BB creams and now we have CC creams. Next up it’s DD or rather Daily Defence creams for tougher areas of the skin e.g. body and feet. Brands are likely to carry on through the alphabet, EE, FF etc, finding new skincare solutions we didn't know we needed

  • 90% of global consumers don't notice new product launches. They are habitual shoppers

 Recommendation – Brands can achieve greater engagement through the use of sensory fusion by using novel cues to attract customers e.g. scented nail care and new lip-gloss flavours such as coconut and frosted cookies.

The Relationship between Fashion & BeautyIrina Barbalova, Head of Global Beauty & Personal Care Research

  • Beauty has been more resilient than fashion, so fashion brands are looking to expand into beauty for growth opportunities, e.g. Wrangler and Triumph are infusing fabrics with aloe Vera and other moisturising ingredients

  • Marc Jacobs is also moving into beauty


  • The fragrance compound industry is not just about providing fine fragrances with ingredients: the market divides into thirds between fine fragrance, personal care {where the most profit lies} and fabric/hair-care

 Emmanuelle Moeglin, Global Fragrance & Personal Care Analyst, Mintel

  • Fragrance is an incredibly important factor in consumer's choice of personal care products: in Europe, a nice smell is the second most important attribute when choosing a shower gel

 Recommendation - Manufacturers must understand the importance of fragrance in consumer purchasing decisions and use scent to enhance creativity, quality of formulation and the sensory experience of toiletries.

Brand Customisation

  • A big trend mentioned by several speakers at this year's marketing trends presentations are tailored solutions e.g. Sephora links with Pantone Colour Profile to help consumers find foundations that perfectly match skin tone

  • Mintel research shows that 53% of US consumers use nail colour to express their personality

  • Datamonitor says 47% of global make-up customers consider personalisation and customisation benefits to be important when choosing make-up

 Recommendation – Brands should be looking at increasing opportunities to develop customised products to help consumers create their own unique style.

Mood CosmeticsMichaela Peck, Analyst, Datamonitor

  • Future trend: consumers will scrutinise their make-up products to see if they reflect their moods

  • There will be a shift towards products that can sense mood changes and will change to optimise the user's appearance using reactive technology e.g. that sense changes in pH levels according to temperature, stress and keep skin tone constant – so no more heightened red patches!

  • Brands will move away from providing reactive to pre-emptive solutions. Peck expects the mood trend to develop beyond cosmetics into hair-care and oral hygiene; also we'll see the emergence of total mood beauty ranges made up of complementary products that change to optimise mood